039VOL. 39 “Cocktail Award” – An Event Made Possible With The Abundance of Highly Skilled And Talented Bartenders

2019.2.20 Wed.

“Cocktail Award” is where 300 customers become the judges and get to choose the number one cocktail amongst the unique cocktails created by the 6 top bartenders who have won in the preliminary contest. An event where bartenders compete against each other in technique and creativity, their story and originality packed in a glass. This is an annual participatory event unique to Keio Plaza Hotel.

The first “Cocktail Award” was held in 2002. The idea for this event came from past bartenders who have won many domestic and international championships. They suggested for an event held at the hotel where they can share the splendidness of cocktails, as well as, the fun and excitement of a competition to the general public.

The innovative and interesting theme set for each year in addition to the bartenders’ performances are part of the charm of “Cocktail Award”. Till today, this event has seen many varied themes such as “Movies”, “The Jazz”, and “Japanese World Heritage”, along with a number of famous cocktails being born. From 2017, “Cocktail Award” adopted the mainstream competition style found around the world, where the bartenders themselves speak about things like the origins of their cocktail name and recipe while creating their original cocktail on stage. To a young bartender, it is a big moment, and to the veteran bartender, it is a chance to regain a sense of nervousness, an exciting challenge while garnering attention.

Keio Plaza Hotel’s strong line up of excellent bartenders makes it possible to present 300 glasses of cocktails in front of a great number of customers who were all looking forward to this day. It is not only the participating bartenders on stage, but also the bartenders in the background who are supporting this popular event.

With the dazzling and thrilling atmosphere overflowing from the venue, we can’t help but wonder… what kind of cocktail will be born next?