038VOL. 38 Yusuke Aida’s Soothing “Porcelain Garden”

2019.2.5 Tue.

During our opening in 1971, Keio Plaza Hotel became a hot topic when it became known that legendary designer, Isamu Kenmochi, was in charge of the hotel’s art direction. At that time, Kenmochi had gathered many leading Japanese artists and amongst them was Yusuke Aida, a young up-and-coming ceramic artist.

Aida’s works can be found around various places of the hotel, like the wall facing the hotel’s front entrance and the ceramic art wall within the hotel. Amongst his many objet d'art provided to us, in 2014, 44 years after Keio Plaza Hotel first opened, he presented the rebirth and transformation of “Porcelain Garden”, which is displayed outside the glass windows of “The Cocktail & Tea Lounge” on the 3rd floor.

The garden known as “Poem To The Moon” are pieces inspired by the majestic mountainous landscape viewed from a sea of clouds on a beautiful moonlit night. Against the delicate color gradation ceramic art wall, sits irregularly arranged creative and unique pieces of art, expressing the energy of the earth. The wall with its warm earth colors ties everything harmoniously together. During the day, the Japanese Zelkova tree casts a majestic shadow against the white sand, and at night, the illumination creates a magical and romantic atmosphere. It truly is a luxurious space where one can enjoy a different aspect of its beauty during the day and night, and the angles from where one is seated.

Yasuke Aida, who has created countless artwork for public display, his “Porcelain Garden” gives one a comforting sense of peace and quiet repose. As one of his last works in his later years, “Porcelain Garden” is a masterpiece full of Aida’s unique sense of charm that keeps on giving. Please enjoy the precious scenery together with a cup of tea or an alcoholic beverage.