035VOL. 35 Concord Ballroom – Witnessing Generations Of Cutting Edge Conferences

2019.1.8 Tue.

As the world’s first convention hotel, Keio Plaza Hotel has led Japan’s MICE* industry since our opening in 1971. The stage that led to many successful international conferences is the Concord ballroom on the 5th floor of the hotel’s main building. Back then, the ballroom was praised as “Toyo-ichi” (the best in the East).

On top of the magnificent space of 1,320㎡ that can accommodate up to 2000 people, the Concord ballroom was also promptly equipped with U.N. standard six-language simultaneous interpretation equipment, television broadcasting equipment and seating area for media staff etc. Utilizing the most advanced lighting and sound equipment at the time, creating an impactful space.

Right before our opening, Keio Plaza Hotel made a successful bid to host the “International Metropolis Conference” which was to be held for the first time in Japan. Another memorable episode was in a subsequent large-scale convention of a major American company, where it took 12 jumbo jet aircraft flights for around 500 guests to arrive in Japan for the convention. Later in the 1980s, while hosting conferences such as the “International Welfare Conference” and the 1988 “Rehabilitation International World Congress”, Keio Plaza Hotel took the opportunity to implement a world first barrier-free facilities throughout the hotel. In 2001, optical fiber cables were introduced throughout the whole building, and since then, many IT related international conferences have been held.

In line with its history, having undergone a major renovation in 2008 which further enhanced the state-of-the art functionality and aesthetics of this majestic ballroom, one could say that Concord ballroom continues to bear witness to cutting edge conferences from one era to the next; from international conferences showcasing latest technology, advanced medicine and the ever-evolving innovative IT industry being held in this impressive ballroom.

The theme of the carpet design of this ballroom that continues to welcome guests from all over the world is water ripples. The design stands for - this is a place where “waves” that reflect time and change occur, what we have achieved, our pride and also to continue to shoulder expectations of the future.

*What is MICE? MICE, is an acronym which stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Event/Exhibitions. It is a general term used for business events aiming for the further development in fields such as, academic research and industry.