033VOL. 33 Reflections of The Modern Women - Ladies’ Relaxation Plans

2018.12.4 Tue.

The after work girls night out where ladies can indulge in a little luxury, and pamper themselves to a fancy hotel restaurant and overnight stay has gained popularity over the years. With Keio Plaza Hotel as the pioneer, similar ladies’ plans can now be found in many hotels around Japan.

In 1993, Keio Plaza Hotel became the first hotel in the city to offer a ladies’ plan. It was known as “Please Stop Time”. The plan was born from the idea of ladies enjoying a fun overnight stay with their friends in a 4-bedded family type room. Back then, this ladies’ plan, which also came with a bottle of wine, caused a widespread sensation, resulting in the boom of many hotels starting their own ladies’ plan.

While other hotels were competing against each other by presenting gifts to guests, Keio Plaza Hotel took a different route and came up with a new enticing plan. In 1996 Keio Plaza Hotel launched the “Yumemonogatari” (Fantasy tale) plan, where guests would stay in a special ladies-only room. With soft feminine touches such as herbal teas, pretty paintings and jewelry tray, the beautifully detailed room was a big hit.

In the 2000s, Keio Plaza Hotel started to offer a wider variety of private and luxurious plans, which have quickly gained popularity. There are plans where one can enjoy alone, others with esthetic beauty treatments, or mini party plans with room service etc.

As women became more involved and active in wider areas of society, the needs and demands started to vary greatly. An era with a diverse variety of ladies’ plans, Keio Plaza Hotel has always been quick to respond to the changes in women’s lifestyles and demands by creating and offering new plans. One might say that the evolvement of the ladies’ plans offered at Keio Plaza Hotel is like a mirror that reflects society’s growth and change.