032VOL. 32 Innovative Color Coordinated Themes

2018.11.2 Fri.

Since our opening in 1971, it is said that Keio Plaza Hotel’s enterprising spirit and enthusiasm has changed the standard of hotels in Japan. At Keio Plaza Hotel, innovativeness is not only found in our management style and services, but also in places such as the guest room and hotel’s interior design, and things such as the fashionable colors and styles of staff uniforms.

The color coordination service for the banquet hall is another example of Keio Plaza Hotel’s unprecedented hospitality. The first challenge was the introduction of colored tablecloth when the hotel first opened. Back then, when it was a taboo to use any other color other than white for tablecloths, we introduced 6 different colors including yellow and blue. Our staff devised layouts using colored tablecloth to further beautify our banquet halls. Next, on our 25th anniversary, we introduced four different color coordinated themes for weddings with tablecloth, napkins and flowers. There is an anecdote about a linen maker having to dye the threads in order to create tablecloths of the desired color.

Anticipating demands ahead of time, this unique service resulted in overwhelming positive response. In 2001, Keio Plaza Hotel started matching the dining ware to the chosen color theme. In 2015, story-based theme coordinates were introduced. On top of the banquet hall, items such as the cake, dress and bouquet will be coordinated accordingly. Starting with story-based themes such as “Alice in Wonderland”, “Princess Mermaid” and “Beauty And The Beast”, the worldview of the chosen story-based theme is expressed richly through motifs and details found in the coordination, so that the bride and groom, as well as their guests can enjoy the fun and colorful hospitality of Keio Plaza Hotel. The “challenge” which started from a single, colored tablecloth at a time where it was taboo, has now blossomed into colorful themes that continues to please guests of Keio Plaza Hotel.