030VOL. 30 The History of Hotel Weddings Began With “Plaza Chapel”

2018.10.19 Fri.

Dressed in pure white, a bride’s father slowly leads her down the wedding aisle by her side. Warm blessings from the guests fill up the chapel. These days, in-hotel chapels might be the norm, but it all began from Keio Plaza Hotel.

In September 1975, Keio Plaza Hotel became the first hotel to have a permanent built-in wedding chapel, “Plaza Chapel”. At a time where one could only hold a church wedding ceremony at churches and cathedrals, the opening of an in-hotel chapel created a milestone in the history of weddings in Japan. Sensing a rise of demand for church weddings, and taking the possibility of poor weather, the comfort of guests, as well as the convenience of elderly guests into consideration, “Plaza Chapel” was born.

The majestic and classic atmosphere that has been loved ever since its opening, “Plaza Chapel” has watched over countless precious vows being exchanged. A space filled with soft lighting and elegant warm wood settings, the sounds of the organ and cello resonates beautifully throughout. “Plaza Chapel” is a witness in the history of hotel weddings and this classic chapel continues to charm many guests till this day.