027 The First Sake Bar In The Industry “Amanogawa”, Changed The Image of Sake

2018.9.10 Mon.

In April 1992, the first Sake bar in the industry, Amanogawa, was born. It was the year where the Japanese Sake grading system was completely abolished. The year where Sake could be chosen by type of rice, area of production and quality.
Selecting a glass according to the characteristics of the Sake, such as presenting sake in a carafe, a rare service back then, Amanogawa showcased the charm and enjoyment of Sake with innovative ideas, thus gaining back-to-back media exposure. As the bar displayed the elegance and depth of Sake, Amanogawa become the driving force for the Sake boom.
From sake selection according to the customer's personal preferences, Amanogawa’s Sake sommelier will recommend the best way to enjoy each sake. From their delicate warming technique, best-suited appetizers and mains, to the drinkware that shall hold the sake, the charm of attention to details at Amanogawa has remained unchanged ever since.
Amanogawa has always been seeking new tastes and current trends. Since 2003, we have been holding a special "Sake Maker’s Dinner" that introduces superior sake and other undiscovered treasures from nationwide breweries.
In 2005, Amanogawa’s original wooden sign was moved into our Japanese restaurant, “Kagari” for its renewal opening. Customers can now enjoy sake at the simple and sophisticated counter bar while chatting with the sake sommelier. With Japanese cuisine becoming registered as a part of the world heritage, sake has gained much worldwide attention. Over the years, Amanogawa has welcomed widely international crowds. With the desire to enjoy the many charms and pleasures of Japanese sake, every night the echos of “kanpai” (cheers) can be heard from the counter.