025 The Bride’s Room; Becoming A Beautiful Bride And Giving Thanks

2018.6.25 Mon.

“On this wonderful day, I want to become the most beautiful bride and express my gratitude to my parents.” At Keio Plaza Hotel, the bride’s room has been designed as a space for the bride to spend precious moments with her parents before the ceremony. This is a space where the bride expresses gratitude towards her parents while taking a trip down memory lane with fond childhood memories, and the parents sharing words to express their love, this precious time will become a cherished memory.
A bright room filled gently with natural light, the spacious bride’s room complete with its elegant minimalistic designs and furniture was created as a private space for the family. There are also four special bride’s rooms limited to one wedding per day, “Plaza Anesis”. This room was designed to have a homey atmosphere much like a living room where the bride can relax with herbal teas and cookies. The beautifully lit room also has a generous fitting room complete with a dresser.
A private relaxation space for the bride and her family, and where she first presents herself as a bride to her groom, Keio Plaza Hotel’s bride’s room is filled with happiness each day.