021 Resetting Standards, Legendary Cocktail “Celebration”

2018.3.1 Thu.

Nestling sweet and tangy strawberry liquor into champagne, “Celebration” is an elegant cocktail that gloriously reflects the vivaciousness of life and new beginnings. Loved by guests for over 30 years, this Keio Plaza Hotel original cocktail was created in 1986 and won “The 15th HBA (Japan Hotel Bar Men’s Association) Creative Cocktail Competition”. Behind this cocktail is the hidden story of an intensely passionate bartender. His name is Kazuya Watanabe. During that time, filling the glass at the end with champagne was the standard style for champagne cocktails, yet on stage, Watanabe first filled his glass with champagne before adding the complimenting touches from his shaker. His innovative method raised concerned and caused a stir amongst the audience. “Did he make a mistake?” However, when the complimenting touches were added into his glass, it lifted the bubbles of the champagne, creating a beautifully mixed cocktail. The concern amongst the audience turned into awe and praise, thus bringing about this new style of creating champagne cocktails. Kazuya Watanabe’s cocktail was created with the keyword of “Celebration” to celebrate the milestone of Keio Plaza Hotel’s 15th anniversary since opening. Till today, this elegant cocktail, which reset the standards in 1986, celebrates guests’ happy and celebratory moments.