020 “Japanese Modern” Imperial Suite Room

2018.2.5 Mon.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo opened in 1971 as Japan’s first skyscraper hotel. With the concept of “Presenting a world class Japan”, legendary interior designer, Isamu Kenmochi, who is known to have built the foundation of Japanese Modern design, took command of the entire hotel’s interior design. The imperial suite room on the 41st floor of the main building has kept his original interior design till today. The textures of the natural materials used in the room reminds one of elegant tea ceremony rooms, tying it together with modern linear designs and colors, and touches of Japan, including the three-way miter joint 7093 lounge suite, which later became well known as Tendo Mokko’s finest series. Condensed in the suite filled with original furniture and lighting designed by Kenmochi, is the impressionable aesthetic sense of Japanese Modern design. As for the artworks, Kenmochi invited the now globally known painter Matazo Kayama, and first-class artists Toko Shinoda to create innovative original works of art for the suite. The suite itself is an artwork that represents Japanese modern art from the 1970s.