016 Art Feature II - Japanese Paper (Washi) Art

2017.10.27 Fri.

Over the years, “Washi” has attracted much attention and in 2014, it was being registered as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. The beautiful washi adds a rich expression to our luxury club lounge, Premier Grand. The moment you step into the lounge, your eyes will be instantly drawn to a majestic panoramic window, boasting a magnificent view of the city, and right at the reception is a beautiful Echizen Washi art work created with the imagery of looking at a distant mountain range through a window. The craftsmen carefully create each piece, and then uses gold and pearl powder to add radiant, elegant colors. The same works are on display in the library zone and the lounge zone, it is interesting to be able to enjoy the difference in the expressions and handicraft unique to each piece. In the dining zone, there is a hand-made washi artwork on display from Tokushima prefecture that uses the traditional Japanese art technique, “Aizome” (indigo dye). Feel the textures of the artworks and the soul behind Japanese paper art.