015 Art Feature I - Japanese Dye, Ink and Lacquer

2017.10.6 Fri.

The design and composition of luxury club lounge, Premier Grand, was inspired by the traditional Japanese garden. With nature as its theme, motifs such as flowing water, gentle breezes and natural streams of sunlight, this space of relaxation is filled with Japanese traditional crafts of dye, ink and lacquer by contemporary artists that showcases traditional Japanese art techniques. Such as Genta Ishizuka’s “Tsuyanofurumai” that exudes an exceptional presence in the middle of the lounge, showing off the resilience and softness in its luster of lacquer and unique form, Hiromi Oka’s expressive works of indigo dyes convey various expressions and movements of water with dynamism, and Yuji Sakai’s bold ink works that convey the vitality of life. Please enjoy the unique Japanese aesthetic sensibility while you unwind in this “garden” of relaxation.