013 Baked at our hotel, breads filled with love and tradition

2017.9.1 Fri.

Breads served at Keio Plaza Hotel’s restaurants, lounges and banquets are mostly breads handmade by our passionate bakers in an exclusive kitchen in the hotel. The earliest staff members start at 2:30 in the morning, and spend the entire day baking, they would bake a surprising amount of around 4,000 breads a day.

In order to please guests who look forward to enjoying quality hotel-made breads, we offer a range of breads from the traditional breads made by preserving the recipes of our very first bakery chef when we opened in 1971, to homemade natural yeast breads, seasonal breads and original creations. In addition, there is also the popular “monthly bread”, created by a different Boulanger each month.

“It is fun to think of ways to preserve the taste of delicious bread, while considering the changing temperature and humidity each day.” “Fermenting bread is a living thing. It is as if raising an adorable child.” Each Boulanger talks about their love for bread, as well as their passion to bake scrumptious breads. Today, like every other day, we continue to deliver the enjoyment of delightfully tasteful breads to our most esteemed guests.

★ Main Building 2F/Food Boutique offers 40 varieties of breads made by our passionate Boulangers in our hotel. We sincerely hope you enjoy our breads.