011 “Japanese” Hospitality That Resonates Through The Five Senses

2017.7.19 Wed.

There is a diverse variety of “Japan” that you can enjoy at our Club Lounge, an exclusive lounge located on 45th floor for our guests staying at Premier Grand Club Floors. When you arrive, you will be served an seasonal Japanese green tea, accompanied by Ise's traditional cotton wet towel.

Our staff can also prepare fresh Matcha upon request. Try searching for logos of Keio Plaza Hotel or Premier Grand printed on random pieces of the traditional Japanese sweet, Rakugan, served at the lounge. We invite you to unwind and enjoy a relaxing moment, while appreciating the carefully selected tea ceremony tools as the matcha is being specially prepared for you.

During bar time (from 5:00pm to 7:00pm), we have selected a lineup of Japanese made alcoholic beverages to welcome guests to indulge in “Japan”, such as Junmai Ginjo Sake, Barley Shochu, Japanese Beer and wines, as well as Japanese scotch bearing the fragrance of Japanese oak barrels.

We warmly welcome you to feel Japan through your five senses and indulge in a relaxing time at Club Lounge.