010Glass Shell – The Chapel That Echos Marriage Vows

2017.6.22 Thu.

Since 1975, as the first hotel to have their own permanent built-in wedding chapel in Japan, Keio Plaza Hotel has always brought fresh styles and themes into hotel weddings. From civil wedding ceremony, themed weddings, color coordinated weddings, to the bride’s room etc., we provide and propose new services and ideas ahead of others, and have delivered irreplaceable and memorable weddings to many esteemed guests.

Decorated with beautiful glass art, the light and sounds of the chapel, Glass Shell, has hidden secrets that help create an even more impressive wedding ceremony. The dome shaped ceiling decorated by painted angels and blue skies resonates the vows, and the elegant blue-light lit cross where the happy couple would stand in front of while exchanging their vows, was created to reflect throughout the entire chapel.

Glass Shell provides an unforgettable ceremony reverberating the oath of eternal love in an almost fantasy like atmosphere, as if one were in the middle of a majestic ocean. Leaving everyone with a deep, touching and long-lasting impression.