009Discover & Rediscover Traditional Japan

2017.6.22 Thu.

The theme of the artwork and items on display at Club Lounge exclusive to guests staying at Premier Grand rooms is “Discover & Rediscover”. The space is created in a way where foreign guests can “discover” and Japanese guests can “rediscover” Japan.

For example, the “kiridame” was a daily item that was used throughout Japanese history. Not as commonly used or seen in modern days, the Kiridame is a lacquered multi-tiered box with a heavy lid mainly used to store food. In the dining zone of the club lounge, Kiridame can be seen on display.

The “tenugui” (refreshment towel) presented to guests upon arrival is made with cotton fabric from Ise and manufactured using traditional weaving methods with over 250 years of history.

Conveying traditional Japan through displays and items is also part of our hospitality.