007French Cuisine Chef Prize Winner, Midorikawa

2017.5.30 Tue.

The first Japanese in the hotel French cuisine industry to receive the prestigious French Cuisine Chef Prize, “La Coupe d’Or Internationale d’Art Culinaire Marius Dutrey”.

Surrounded by warm applause, our Honorary Executive Chef Hirochika Midorikawa received the award on April 5th, 2017 at The Westin Paris – Vendôme’s banquet hall, Napoleon. Founded in 1958, the “La Coupe d’Or Internationale d’Art Culinaire Marius Dutrey” is awarded to French cuisine chefs who have made remarkable achievements in the international hotel industry.

Only one award winner is chosen to receive this prestigious prize every few years by l’Académie Culinaire de France member’s recommendation and Les Cuisiniers de France’s regulation. Chef Midorikawa is the first Japanese to receive this award. Previous winners of the prize include distinguished grand chefs, Mr. Paul Bocuse and Mr. Joël Robuchon.

Upon receiving the award, Midorikawa dedicated his heartfelt gratitude to the many friends he had made during his younger years when he first started training. Cherishing the connection and the value of friendship, he will continue working with pride in this wonderful occupation.

“Simply cherish the flavors and fragrances of the ingredients and take care of the fundaments,” Midorikawa cites his philosophy for cooking. Entering the world of cooking at the age of 15, later crossing over to train in Europe at the age of 24, in the many kitchens he had been in, are the cooking techniques and philosophies that combined both cultivated delicacy and precise rationality; the philosophy, “Chefs who work methodically and precisely”. To this day, it is still one of the most important philosophies in French cooking in Japan.

Midorikawa said, “I’ll like to give guidance to broaden the motivation and range of young people trying to challenge new cuisines while cherishing the cuisines that are filled with traditional wisdom of cooking.”
Joining Keio Plaza Hotel at the same time as it’s opening in 1971, Midorikawa has been the driving force behind the history and genealogy of the French cuisine scene in Japan for about half a century. Now younger chefs inherit and will continue to pass on the teachings and philosophies.