006Helping You Create a Memorable Stay in Tokyo

2017.2.15 Wed.

The concierge at our club lounge, Premier Grand, will provide you full support and services; tailoring to your needs and desires to create a memorable stay in Tokyo. One of our many strengths, many of these services are unique only to Keio Plaza Hotel. Starting with in-house traditional Japanese culture experiences such as tea ceremony held in a traditional tea room, authentic wedding kimono experience, to touring famous historical sake breweries and a art museum in Western Tokyo via private hired car. We have the most number of bus tours (around 50) amongst other hotels, arriving and departing from our hotel’s lobby. Relax and rejuvenate with over 40 different varieties of in-house relaxation treatments such as esthetic beauty courses, in-room Shiatsu massage, esthetic hair pampering treatments and reflexology. Let us help you create a memorable stay in Tokyo with the warmest hospitality served from the heart.