005A Little Story About The Red Brick Walls in Our Main Bar

2017.2.15 Wed.

Since its opening, our main bar, Brillant, has been frequent and loved by many guests, as a traditional classic bar where gentlemen gather. When it relocated from the hotel’s Main Tower to the South Tower in 1980, Mr. Riki Watanabe, a prominent figure in industrial designing, who is said to have created the cornerstone of Japanese modern design, created it to be a space where one could submerge themselves into comfort and relaxation. One could say that the most impressionable part of the bar is the soothing red clay brick interior. A “masterpiece” referred to as the “smiling bricks,” the walls are made of traditional unglazed bricks flown over from Scotland, the hometown of Whiskey. Together with the high ceiling imaged after a starry night sky and the supportive high backs of the chairs that gently embrace and support your back, while creating privacy and reducing the ambient noise around you, this is a bar that will provide you comfort and privacy, a space as if your own.