003Our Uniforms; “A Walking Interior”

2017.2.15 Wed.

Our staff uniforms are one of the “faces” of our hotel and we consider our uniforms to be a “walking interior”. The uniforms of the lobby and reception staff are inspired by classic English designs, using a “Shadow Stripe” fabric in dark navy, the uniforms are based on the concept of “familiarity” and “quality”. Designed with a contemporary slim silhouette based on traditional designs to match the warmth and elegance of the main lobby space. Naturally, in order to provide the best hospitality, each uniform has its functional side for different roles, such as partially using light-reflective material for the doorman’s night safety. In addition, we have created a “Dressing & Grooming Manual” for different staff positions to always look our best on top of providing our utmost heartfelt hospitality.