001A Piece of Hospitality - The Story Behind Our Windows

2017.2.15 Wed.

In 1971, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo was born in Central Tokyo, Shinjuku, as Japan’s first skyscraper hotel. At the time, the view from the hotel windows was one of the biggest parts of our hospitality. The windows were created with our hopes, dreams and deepest sincerity. The wide windows, starting at knee height, were meticulously designed to ensure that each room gets to bask in bright sunlight. The spaciousness that the wide windows provide was designed with the “one room, one sun” concept, and was very important to us. Even now, this concept is cherished and being carried on into our guest rooms and lounges. Our guests can enjoy the dynamic panorama view overlooking Tokyo from 160 meters above ground at our Sky Lounge, Aurora. From daylight to night, please come and enjoy the ever-changing scenery of the dramatic cityscape together with our gourmet meals and delectable cocktails.