EIC EXPRESS Vol. 54 (Spring)

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Impeccable Hospitality for Each and Every Guest
Universal room Since its inception in 1971, the Keio Plaza Hotel has tirelessly pursued its mission of "creating a lively space for humans." The hotel continues to improve its facilities and services as always, allowing guests with differing needs to enjoy safe, convenient, and comfortable stays.
Hospitality Image Before the Rehabilitation International World Congress was held at the Keio Plaza Hotel in 1988, the hotel became the first in Tokyo to offer universal rooms. Ever since, the Keio Plaza Hotel has remained a hospitality industry leader in barrierfree efforts. It has implemented a magnetic loop system in the banquet halls for those with hearing aids, built multi-purpose restrooms, and provided "writing boards for communication" to be used by speech- and hearing-challenged guests. The hotel also offers toilets for assistant dogs, such as seeing-eye and hearing-ear dogs. In addition to these and other initiatives, the Keio Plaza Hotel has been building more universal rooms, while simultaneously improving their quality.
Keio Plaza Hotel Last October, the Keio Plaza Hotel accommodated a cumulative total of over 5,000 guests who participated in the 58th National Sports Festival and the 13th National Sports Festival for Physically or Intellectually Disabled Athletes. The hotel's special hospitality team for these guests earned high praise for its warmth and meticulous attention to detail. The Keio Plaza Hotel has also served as the official hotel for athletes participating in global competitions in figure skating, volleyball, and other sports.
The Keio Plaza Hotel's dedication to creating a space as "Plaza," where guests from all over the world with a variety of needs can gather, relax and mingle, was unprecedented when it opened its doors 43 years ago, as was its vision of Tokyo as a truly international city. Today, we are more faithful than ever to our original mission, and we continue to exceed the expectations of our guests as we look ahead to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"Swinging with Jazz in the Hotel"—A Cultural Event Not to Be Missed
Thelonious MonkTokyo's Shinjuku, home to the Keio Plaza Hotel, is renowned throughout Japan as a leading area for theatre, music, literature, and other forms of art. From April 1st through 30th this year, the Keio Plaza Hotel will be the site of an event sure to please jazz lovers visiting this district.
Titled "Shinjuku Jazz Portrait—Swinging with Jazz in the Hotel," the event features some 50 photos taken by Hozumi Nakadaira, a Japanese photographer who spent almost half a century capturing the images of the giants of jazz—Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Art Blakey, and others. Nakadaira also ran a jazz cafe and worked tirelessly to spread the culture of jazz from Shinjuku to the rest of Japan. His photos will be on display in public spaces within the hotel, including the Main Tower Lobby and the South Tower Entrance. Miles DavisMr. Nakadaira's portrait of Thelonious Monk was featured in the Steven Spielberg movie "The Terminal," and his 2002 one-artist show, "Jazz Giants 1961-2002," saw the greatest number of spectators ever gathered at the Konica Minolta Plaza in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The photographer is also known for his friendship with Monk and many other jazz musicians. In a special program at the Keio Plaza Hotel's jazz photo event, Mr. Nakadaira will share previously unheard tales involving some of the jazz greats he has photographed. A live jazz performance will also take place.
Jazz ImageDuring the event period, many of the hotel's bars, lounges, and restaurants will offer original cocktails and dishes as tributes to jazz and play recorded favorites from the golden age of jazz, the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, the hotel's main bar, Brillant, plans to feature live performances by jazz musicians. In the years to come, the Keio Plaza Hotel is determined to plan and host even more cultural events, always providing guests with new attractions.

Series: Scenes from Japanese Society
Volume 33: The Allure of Large Electronics Stores
Large Electronics Store Mass electronics retailers offer a great variety of items at affordable prices, with examples including refrigerators, rice cookers, washing machines, other household appliances, computers, audio-visual equipment, cell phones, games, and health and grooming products. Many tourists visiting Japan search for souvenirs at these enormous establishments.
Five minutes or so from the Keio Plaza Hotel by foot, the Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku Station West Exit Main Shop comprises different specialist stores in different buildings—one dedicated to cameras, another to multimedia, and yet another to games and hobby items, for example. The product lineups of these stores are always outstanding. On the other side of the same station, close to its East Exit, stands the BICQLO Shinjuku East Exit Store, a talk-of-the town collaboration between UNIQLO, a major apparel franchise, and BIC CAMERA, another mass retailer of consumer electronics. The building even has a futsal court on its rooftop.
One trend among recently opened mass retailers is a focus on entertainment, which is expected to attract more customers. Some large retailers have many restaurants in their buildings, or even features such as nail salons. These stores are definitely worth a visit for those interested in new shopping experiences.

Enjoy Authentic Cantonese Cuisine, Served with Friendly and Warm Hospitality:
Chinese Restaurant Nan-En
(2nd floor, Main Tower)
Business Hours:
Weekday Lunch:
11:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. (Orders welcomed until 2:30 P.M.)
Weekday Dinner:
5:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. (Orders welcomed until 9:30 P.M.)
Weekends and Holidays:
11:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. (Orders welcomed until 9:30 P.M.)
No. of seats: 174 seats and 7 separate rooms
*Advance reservation is recommended.
KatohThe Chinese restaurant Nan-En serves authentic Cantonese cuisine, which makes the most of a great diversity of fresh ingredients. Its spacious hall echoes softly with the sounds of a fountain, and the restaurant is known for its poised yet friendly service. Nan-En has numerous seating arrangements, including seven separated rooms of varying sizes. Head chef Li Guo Chao was honored with the Gendai no Meiko (Contemporary Master Craftsmen) Award from Japan's Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, and each of the chefs adds his or her own creative flourishes to the traditional Cantonese culinary art, which is the specialty of Nan-En since its opening.
Says the restaurant's captain server, Mae Katoh, "We offer many different choices—authentic dinners to accompany business negotiations or celebrations, casual a la carte foods that can be enjoyed alone or with friends, special foods custom prepared for you by the head chef, and more. March and April are the prime months for Japanese littleneck clams, and I recommend stir-fried rice with this delicacy. Oyster sauce brings out the best in this particular dish. We always do our best to meet every request, and to offer you our warmest hospitality. Please drop in and experience Nan-En for yourself."


Series: Seasonal Adventures in Japanese Dining
Volume 12: Mountain Vegetables—The Natural, Wild Taste of the Springtime Sun
SansaiSansai ("mountain vegetables") are edible plants that grow naturally in the fields and on the mountains. As the warm spring sunshine makes many plants emerge and flourish, mountain vegetation comes into season—bracken, fiddlehead ferns, Japanese butterbur, udo (spikenards), tarano-me (young buds of Japanese angelica trees), and others. After its semi-hibernation during the winter, the body can be invigorated by the strong flavors and uniquely sharp bitterness that often characterize spring sansai. The bitter taste of sansai is believed to come from polyphenols, which are anti-oxidants. For this reason, many health-conscious people and those favoring natural foods look to mountain vegetables.
sansai. Still, one of the best ways to appreciate these vegetables is to boil them fresh from the mountains and eat them with a little soy sauce or other flavorings. They can also be battered and fried into crunchy tempura. Here at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Kagari and some other Japanese restaurants offers dishes of sansai, such as tarano-me tempura.

Green tea is the most common type of tea in Japan. It is made by harvesting leaves and then applying heat to them in order to suppress fermentation. Containing a wealth of catechin, vitamin C, and other constituents, green tea has excellent antioxidant properties. To make maccha, or green powdered tea, quality tea leaves are covered with sunshades some 20 days before the harvest. They are then picked, heated and carefully ground into a fine powder. Especially rich in theanine, maccha has an elegant, subtle taste with a slight sweetness and a relaxing fragrance in its beautiful green. Many traditional tea ceremonies use maccha.
Recently, there has been a quiet but ongoing "maccha boom." Many city cafes offer maccha lattes on their regular menus. Maccha-flavored ice creams and chocolates can be found at supermarkets and convenience stores. Today, many overseas tourists buy maccha items for souvenirs. Maccha-flavored sweets continue to appear on the market in rapid succession.
The theanine in maccha is very conducive to relaxation. Duet, the hotel's art lounge, is an excellent place to enjoy a contemplative maccha break for a bit of tranquility during a busy day in Tokyo.


Endless Opportunities to Experience the Traditions of Japan
Hina-Matsuri From the very beginning, the Keio Plaza Hotel has been home to events that highlight the beauty and joy of Japanese culture in all its variety, such as one focusing on a region or a traditional festival. As one example, from the beginning of February through the end of March, the hotel is again holding its popular annual Hina-Matsuri event, showcasing the aesthetics of a traditional festival to pray for the health and growth of young girls.
This year, the event is titled "Celebrating Hina-Matsuri at the Hotel—Scenes of the Festival as Seen by Painters and Hanging Ornaments." In the Main Lobby and throughout the hotel, some 4,800 hanging ornaments are on display, all made by hand from precious antique silk fabric. For the first time in the history of its hina-matsuri events, the hotel will exhibit 50 paintings depicting scenes from the festival, including precious ukiyoe works. In addition, during the event, special lessons allow participants to learn how to create hanging ornaments and traditional kaga-yuuzen-style dyed fabrics. A hina-matsuri lunch is also offered at each lesson. Moreover, eight of the hotel's restaurants and lounges, each arrayed with its own splendid decorations, are offering hina-matsuri specials. During the event, the hotel's interior is transformed into a gorgeous kaleidoscope of decorations that herald the coming spring season.

For Members of the Executive International Club
Special Room Rates for EIC Members
Customers staying with us at EIC member rates will be entitled to many special services and privileges, including use of Luxe Lounge, free breakfast, and free extension of checkout time to 3:00 P.M.

Room Rates in yen
Type of Room
Plaza Luxe (30 sqm-)
Plaza Premier

*Plaza Luxe rooms are located on the 28th through 33rd floors of the South Tower.
*The rates above include the service fee and the consumption tax, which is calculated at 8% of the purchase price. This new tax rate goes into effect in April 2014. The consumption tax rate until March 31st is 5%.
*Rates are subject to change without notice.

*These privileges do not apply to guests staying at rates other than EIC member rates.

BreakfastComplimentary Breakfast for EIC Members
To EIC members staying with us at member rates, we offer free breakfast at the Cocktail & Tea Lounge on the 3rd floor of the Main Tower. The Lounge, bathed with an abundance of morning sunlight, caters only to selected guests during breakfast hours. In this spacious, relaxing area, enjoy a buffet-style breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages, and more. Breads and cereals of many different kinds, fresh fruits, coffee, tea, juices, and other selections are also provided.

Breakfast (served at the Cocktail & Tea Lounge on the 3rd floor)
7:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. (Please arrive at the lounge by 9:30 A.M.)
Free for EIC members staying with us at member rates; 3,000 yen per person for their guests
*The rates above include the service fee and the consumption tax, which is calculated at 8% of the purchase price. This new tax rate goes into effect in April 2014. The consumption tax rate until March 31st is 5%.

Free Extension of Checkout Time
Upon request, EIC members staying with us at member rates can have their checkout time extended up to 3:00 P.M., depending on the room reservation situation.
LoungeA Chic New Lounge on the South Tower's 34th Floor
The Keio Plaza Hotel has remodeled the former "The Club Lounge" into "Luxe "on the 34th floor of the South Tower. The result is a space that is more stylish and user-friendly than ever. Needless to say, EIC members staying with us at member rates and their friends are always welcome to use Luxe Lounge. The lounge consists of different zones—there are counters beside the windows, sofas, meeting rooms, and other areas. This self-service environment is perfect for everything from business negotiations to a refreshing tea break during the daytime, and liquor is served after 5:00 P.M. Be sure to experience Luxe Lounge during your next visit.

Location:South Tower, 34th Floor
Seating Capacity:59
Hours:10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Deep Relaxation at Keio Plaza Hotel
Carju RajahCarju Rajah, a luxury esthetic salon on the 8th floor of the South Tower, opened on December 1st, 2008. The salon has quickly become known for its excellent skills, sincere hospitality, and refined interior. Individual treatment rooms equipped with showers provide true relaxation for both males and females. Discount rates are even available for visitors who are staying with us. For more information, please contact Guest Relations.

The Business Center
on the 3rd Floor of the Main Tower
The Business Center has opened on the 3rd floor of the Main Tower, where the lobby is located. The Center offers rental cell phones, fax and photocopy services, arrangement of interpretation and translation as well as of international delivery services, business card printing, and other conveniences. Windows PCs (connected to the Internet) and printers are also available. The Center has been renewed to provide everything necessary for efficient business activities.

The Business Center's business hours
Monday through Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

* The coin-operated PCs at the entrance to the Center are available 24 hours per day. Please help yourself.

* The Center offers the following pay services, among others:
1. Photocopies (monochrome and full-color)
2. Fax transmission
3. Rental cellular phones
4. Arrangement of interpretation and translation services
5. Typing
6. Arrangement of international delivery service
7. Internet connection
8. Business card printing

EIC Advantages
By enrolling in the Executive International Club, you will be eligible to receive a variety of special services and discounts reserved exclusively for EIC members. We cordially invite all members of the Executive International Club to stay with us and experience these advantages.
Free use of The Luxe Lounge, exclusively reserved for EIC members
Extended late check-out until 3:00 P.M. upon request (subject to availability)
Early check-in at 11:00 A.M. upon request (subject to availability)
Priority room reservations
Frequent flyer mileage points with our 16 participating airline partners

*These privileges above do not apply to guests staying at rates other than EIC member rates.

Joining is easy. Simply stop by the front desk, visit our web site, or write to the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo.

Frequent Flyer Mileage Points
Earn miles when using the following Frequent Flyer Programs. Points will be provided at eligible room rates or higher. To claim points, simply present your FFP membership card upon check-in.
Participating Airlines
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
600 miles per stay
600 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
600 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
1,000 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
750 miles per stay
1,000 miles per stay

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