EIC EXPRESS Vol. 53 (Winter)

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The Keio Plaza Hotel Continues to Lead the Way in Technology
Wi-Fi Image In July 2013, the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo South Tower guestrooms underwent an extensive overhaul, and the hotel launched "Plaza Luxe," new guestrooms noted for their high quality, comfort, and stylishness. Also, at the end of the same month, the hotel began offering free, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) service in all its 1,436 guestrooms in both the Main Tower and the South Tower.
Elsewhere, guestroom remodeling was recently completed in the Keio Plaza Hotel Tama, renowned among its many guests visiting the Tama region of Tokyo on business or sightseeing trips to destinations such as the Sanrio Puroland amusement park. The Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji, located immediately in front of the Hachioji railway station, has become known as the "western entrance" into Tokyo. From the Hachioji hotel, many travelers can visit Mt. Takao, a famous hiking locale that garnered three stars in the Michelin Green Guide. Beginning in early September, these two hotels will also provide free, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) service in all their guestrooms—as does the Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo.
The Keio Plaza Hotel Group has consistently worked to offer highly convenient services to every guest, whether businessperson or tourist. In 2001, the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo implemented a very fast Internet connection system (VDSL) in all its guestrooms, ahead of most other Tokyo hotels. This service was offered 24 hours every day, free of charge, and earned the appreciation of and a commendation from Japan's Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The Keio Plaza Hotel remained a pioneer in the years to come, holding cyber-conferences over its advanced communication networks, among other achievements. Our hotels have always taken a position of leadership in information technology in Japan.
In the years ahead, Keio Plaza Hotel Group is dedicated to maintaining its edge at the forefront of high convenience, both in information technology and in all that it does.

Ballet "Nutcracker" and Original Cakes to Make for an Unforgettable Christmas
CakesIn December this year, the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo will offer a special plan for the Christmas season in collaboration with the New National Theatre, Tokyo, located in Tokyo's Hatsudai area.
As Japan's first national theater to showcase performing arts, its productions will include operas, ballets, and plays. The New National Theatre, Tokyo, will be within easy reach from the Keio Plaza Hotel—the Hatsudai railway station nearest to the theater is quite close to the Shinjuku station, which in turn is just a five minutes' walk or so from the hotel. National Ballet of Japan will begin its new performance season this fall, and this December it will raise the curtain on the "Nutcracker," a renowned work that takes place on Christmas Eve.
The New National Theatre, TokyoThe Hotel's Christmas plan, conducted in cooperation with the theater, consists of a viewing of the "Nutcracker" and a Christmas dinner at Duo Fourchettes, our French and Italian Restaurant, or at Jurin, our coffee house, and Christmas cake. Each group of guests is asked to choose one of three kinds of cake. The original Christmas cakes baked by the Keio Plaza Hotel are hot sellers every year, and this Christmas we will prepare eight kinds in all, with five of them inspired by themes from the "Nutcracker." One cake evokes the scene in which the story's heroine, Clara, heads for the castle with the prince. Another represents the gorgeous waltz of the flower fairies. Once again, it is our honor to present the products of our patissiers' mastery, making Christmas an even more resplendent and dazzling event for our guests.

Series: Scenes from Japanese Society
Volume 32: Japan's Chopsticks: A Unique World of Color and Design
Chopstick Image Chopsticks have traditionally been used mainly in East Asia, although these days they can be found all around the globe. It is amazing what a simple pair of sticks can do when driven by skilled fingers—from cutting off pieces of food from a larger section to crumbling it for greater texture, there is much more to chopsticks than meets the eye at first. The traditional chopsticks of South Korea are of metal, while Japan's counterparts are mostly of wood. Japan's chopsticks are noted for their great diversity of designs and colors, with different sizes for children and adults, and each family member has his or her own pair. Many Japanese people relish selecting their own favorites.
Chopsticks This December, the Keio Plaza Hotel will hold its second Japanese-chopstick-themed event. Some offerings with mother-of-pearl inlay glitter in rainbow colors, while those using overglazing represent a craft with four centuries of history. A dazzling array from across Japan will be on display and sale, and one hotel restaurant will provide a special French dinner to be enjoyed with chopsticks. If you are interested in Japan's culinary culture, this event must not be missed.

Comfort, Art, and Delicacies to Remember:
Art Lounge Duet
(3rd floor, Main Tower)
Business Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.(Orders accepted until 6:30 P.M.)
No. of seats: 148
*The entire lounge is a no-smoking space, since May 1st, 2013.
OzakiArt Lounge Duet brings many relaxing currents together to create a sophisticated ambience. In its soothing modern interior, Japanese and Western styles merge, and patrons can savor the beverage of their choice, Western and Japanese sweets, and snacks while taking in the surrounding works of art.
The lounge offers a great variety of drinks—the choicest coffee and black tea, more than ten kinds of herbal tea, powdered Japanese green tea, and roasted Japanese tea, to name a few. Delicacies like the Gogo no Hoseki-bako ("Afternoon Jewel Box") afternoon-tea special make for a memorable visit, with its assortment of Japanese and Western foods prepared with seasonal ingredients and a dessert, all served in lovely ceramic dishes of the Arita-yaki school.
Says a server of the lounge, Yuma Ozaki, "Located on the hotel's Lobby floor, our lounge is open yet quite soothing. Anyone can have a good time here. The lounge's staff members provide services that meet every single customer's demand and create an atmosphere appreciated by all. Whether you wish to relax alone, talk with someone special, or have a group discussion, please be sure to drop by."

Art Lounge Duet

Series: Seasonal Adventures in Japanese Dining
Volume 11: The Temptations of Winter Nabe
NabeLike so much else in Japanese culture and cuisine, the enjoyment of nabe-ryori unfolds in an almost ritualistic way to deliver comfort and good taste. First, a large pot called a nabe is filled with water and set on a heater in the middle of the table. The diners slowly add the ingredients—vegetables, meat, fish, and more. Each seated diner has a small bowl to eat from, and takes some of the boiled nabe ingredients out of the pot when the time is right. The entire process keeps one warm, delivers good nutrition, and is especially popular in the cold Japanese winter.
The ingredients come in a very broad variety—chicken, pork, other meats, salmon, oyster, other seafood, and seasonings like miso (bean paste), soy sauce, and salt. Each locality in Japan has its own type of nabe: Ishikari nabe, for example, boils salmon, tofu, and vegetables in broth seasoned with miso. In Akita's kiri tampo nabe, they mash some rice and prepare the meal using skewered sticks called kiri tampo, which are broiled and then boiled in the pot with chicken, vegetables, and other ingredients.
Kagari, a Japanese restaurant at the Keio Plaza Hotel, will hold a "nabe fair" this December, allowing customers to sample a fascinating variety of nabe from across Japan. Be sure not to miss this special opportunity.

Shin Kabukiza
The term yuru chara refers to mascots, created mainly by municipal governments, to promote their localities, local tourism, and products. To qualify as a yuru chara, these mascots must project an innocent, easygoing atmosphere. Famous examples include "Kuma-mon" from Kumamoto Prefecture and "Bary-san" from Imabari City, Ehime. When a location holds a promotional event, we often see its yuru chara in a large suit worn by an actor. Many resemble animals whose Japanese names sound similar to those of the localities that feature them, local symbols, or something a locality wants to promote. For instance, Shizuoka Prefecture, known for Mt. Fuji, has a character named "Fujippi," which looks like the mountain.
The term itself, yuru chara, was originally coined by an illustrator, Mr. Jun Miura. "Yuru" comes from the Japanese adjective yurui, which has connotations of "softness." This word was combined with "chara" for "character" (i.e., mascot). With their innocent and lovable looks and relaxing impressions, they have come to be appreciated by many. Since 2010, a popularity poll called the "Yuru Chara Grand Prix" has been held each year, to decide on the nation's most popular "yuru chara."


A Ceramic Event to Give Back to Those in Need
Ceramic works From the 1st through 31st of this July, the Keio Plaza Hotel held its 33rd annual comprehensive event celebrating the ceramic works of the Arita/Imari school of Saga Prefecture. This year, the event featured a charity auction of works designed by renowned artists—Ennosuke Ichikawa, a kabuki actor appreciated by many for his excellent performances, Shizuka Kudo, a famous pop singer who is also active as a painter, and Yusuke Kawazu, an actor with a long career. Their ceramic works were auctioned, and about 300,000 yen, all of the profits from the auction, were donated to help those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.
The event had some other features as well. For one, there was an exhibition and sale of works known for their excellence in quality. Also, six of our restaurants and bars had a special fair to serve featured foods in Arita/Imari ceramic works. There was also a table coordination exhibition featuring works of the school. The event was participated in by many.
The Keio Plaza Hotel is determined to make even more social contributions as a good corporate citizen. Another example has been the "Volunteer Plaza," a charity event we have been holding ever since 2004.

For Members of the Executive International Club
Special Room Rates for EIC Members
Customers staying with us at EIC member rates will be entitled to many special services and privileges, including use of The Club Lounge, free breakfast, and free extension of checkout time to 3:00 P.M.

Room Rates in yen
Type of Room
Plaza Luxe (30 sqm-)
Plaza Premier

*Plaza Luxe rooms are located on the 28th through 33rd floors of the South Tower.
*The above rates include service charge and consumption tax.
*Rates are subject to change without notice.

*These privileges do not apply to guests staying at rates other than EIC member rates.

BreakfastComplimentary Breakfast for EIC Members
To EIC members staying with us at member rates, we offer free breakfast at the Cocktail & Tea Lounge on the 3rd floor of the Main Tower. The Lounge, bathed with an abundance of morning sunlight, caters only to selected guests during breakfast hours. In this spacious, relaxing area, enjoy a buffet-style breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages, and more. Breads and cereals of many different kinds, fresh fruits, coffee, tea, juices, and other selections are also provided.

Breakfast (served at the Cocktail & Tea Lounge on the 3rd floor)
7:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. (Please arrive at the lounge by 9:30 A.M.)
Free for EIC members staying with us at member rates; 3,000 yen per person for their guests
*Tax and service charge are not included in the above rate.

Free Extension of Checkout Time
Upon request, EIC members staying with us at member rates can have their checkout time extended up to 3:00 P.M., depending on the room reservation situation.
LoungeA Chic New Lounge on the South Tower's 34th Floor
The Keio Plaza Hotel has remodeled the former "Club Lounge" into the "Luxe Lounge" on the 34th floor of the South Tower. The result is a space that is more stylish and user-friendly than ever. Needless to say, EIC members and their friends are always welcome to use the Luxe Lounge. The lounge consists of different zones—there are counters beside the windows, sofas, meeting rooms, and other areas. This self-service environment is perfect for everything from business negotiations to a refreshing tea break during the daytime, and liquor is served after 5:00 P.M. Be sure to experience the Luxe Lounge during your next visit.

Location:South Tower, 34th Floor
Seating Capacity:59
Hours:10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Deep Relaxation at Keio Plaza Hotel
Carju RajahCarju Rajah, a luxury esthetic salon on the 8th floor of the South Tower, opened on December 1st, 2008. The salon has quickly become known for its excellent skills, sincere hospitality, and refined interior. Individual treatment rooms equipped with showers provide true relaxation for both males and females. Discount rates are even available for visitors who are staying with us. For more information, please contact Guest Relations.

The Business Center
on the 3rd Floor of the Main Tower
The Business Center has opened on the 3rd floor of the Main Tower, where the lobby is located. The Center offers rental cell phones, fax and photocopy services, arrangement of interpretation and translation as well as of international delivery services, business card printing, and other conveniences. Windows PCs (connected to the Internet) and printers are also available. The Center has been renewed to provide everything necessary for efficient business activities.

The Business Center's business hours
Monday through Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

* The coin-operated PCs at the entrance to the Center are available 24 hours per day. Please help yourself.

* The Center offers the following pay services, among others:
1. Photocopies (monochrome and full-color)
2. Fax transmission
3. Rental cellular phones
4. Arrangement of interpretation and translation services
5. Typing
6. Arrangement of international delivery service
7. Internet connection
8. Business card printing

EIC Advantages
By enrolling in the Executive International Club, you will be eligible to receive a variety of special services and discounts reserved exclusively for EIC members. We cordially invite all members of the Executive International Club to stay with us and experience these advantages.
Free use of The Luxe Lounge, exclusively reserved for EIC members
Extended late check-out until 3:00 P.M. upon request (subject to availability)
Early check-in at 11:00 A.M. upon request (subject to availability)
Priority room reservations
Frequent flyer mileage points with our 16 participating airline partners

*These privileges above do not apply to guests staying at rates other than EIC member rates.

Joining is easy. Simply stop by the front desk, visit our web site, or write to the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo.

Frequent Flyer Mileage Points
Earn miles when using the following Frequent Flyer Programs. Points will be provided at eligible room rates or higher. To claim points, simply present your FFP membership card upon check-in.
Participating Airlines
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
600 miles per stay
600 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
600 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
1,000 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
750 miles per stay
1,000 miles per stay

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