EIC EXPRESS Vol. 52 (Summer)

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Taking Relaxation and Style to the Next Level: "Plaza Luxe"
Plaza Luxe
Tokyo attracts visitors from across the globe for many reasons, but whatever their goals, almost all are struck by the vast size of this megalopolis. Naturally, the Keio Plaza Hotel (situated in the convenient core district of Shinjuku) is always seeking new ways to make guests feel more at home than ever in this gigantic city.
This year, the hotel has remodeled 120 guestrooms on floors 28-33 of the South Tower. Crafted with the goal of creating "cool, quality spaces where urbanites can truly relax," these new "Plaza Luxe" rooms were opened on July 3rd.
The corridors, with their modernistic styling, lead to rooms that are havens of comfort and sophistication. The furniture is illuminated by tender indirect lighting, while the interiors make artful use of made-to-order Japanese paper. New Simmons® beds allow guests to sink into blissful sleep. Most of the 120 Plaza Luxe rooms have double beds, while 18 are twin rooms. Each Plaza Luxe room has a large writing desk and a free, highspeed, wireless LAN Internet connection. Simply relaxing and gazing out over Tokyo's cityscape from the comfort of these rooms can be entertainment in itself. In the bathrooms, Antica Farmacista amenity items allow for total relaxation.
The Keio Plaza Hotel is continuing the remodeling of its guestrooms. By the end of July 2013, we plan to make free wireless LAN service available in each of the hotel's 1,436 rooms, in both the Main and South Towers. The Keio Plaza Hotel is determined to keep moving forward with improvements in both services and facilities, always providing our guests with the best possible convenience and comfort.

Location: South Tower, 34th floor
Seating Capacity: 59
Hours: 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Luxe LoungeThe newly renamed "Luxe Lounge" on the South Tower's 34th floor has also been remodeled, and it is exclusively available for the free use of Plaza Luxe guests. The new space consists of multiple zones—counter seats beside windows, sofas, a meeting room, and more. Choose the area that best serves your purpose, and enjoy the relaxing, quality atmosphere.

The Vibrancy of Spanish Culture Celebrated at the Keio Plaza Hotel
Spanish Ambassador 1On May 28th, the Spanish ambassador to Japan, His Excellency Mr. Miguel Angel Navarro Portera, and his wife visited the Keio Plaza Hotel to view the "Lladro Museum—60th Anniversary" in-house exhibition and to take part in the "Spain Fair" held by the Super Buffet Glass Court with the sponsorship of the Spanish Embassy's Office for Economic & Commercial Affairs. After the event and the fair, the two enjoyed some fine cuisine and wine from the Spain Fair in the Imperial Suite, accompanied by the hotel's General Manager Isao Urabe.
Spanish Ambassador 2Lladro is a Spanish porcelain art brand appreciated worldwide for its advanced artistry, which is evident in its graceful designs and delicate craftsmanship. Since 2010, we have held a general exhibition of this elegant porcelain brand every year. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the brand's launch, and our Lladro exhibition therefore borrowed some treasured works representative of the brand's style in each decade from museums of Spain, as well as some pieces from its earliest years. The works were on display in the lobby admission-free, providing an overview of the brand's entire history. In addition, the hotel exhibited and sold some Lladro works crafted in celebration of its 60th anniversary. Furthermore, three of the hotel's restaurants offered special cuisines inspired by Lladro works.
Spanish cuisine was also highlighted recently at the Super Buffet Glass Court, which ran a culinary Spain Fair for the entire month of May to commemorate 400 years of Spain-Japan fellowship. As always, the Keio Plaza Hotel continues to provide cultural and culinary experiences from Japan and around the world for its guests and visitors.

Mt. Fuji Comes to the Keio Plaza Hotel
Mt. Fuji 1On June 22nd, 2013, UNESCO registered Mt. Fuji as a World Cultural Heritage site. This volcano, with its distinctive shape, has long been a well-known symbol of Japan around the world.
In many ways, Mt. Fuji seems to change constantly in response to its surroundings. As a "red Fuji," it highlights the glory of Japan's sunrises, while its crown of snow, striking against the blue sky, changes its size with the seasons. The mountain has been the subject of countless works of art and other forms of human expression. Fuji has a long spiritual heritage as well—as one example, the Shinto organization Fujisan Hongu Sengen-Taisha has shrines at both the foot and summit of the mountain.
Mt. Fuji 2 From June 1st through 30th, the Keio Plaza Hotel held the "Enjoy Mt. Fuji Fair—A Mountain of Arts and Culture." The event featured a photo exhibition of Mt. Fuji, and reproduced ukiyo-e wood prints and other Fuji-related craftworks were on display and available for purchase. In addition, five hotel restaurants and lounges offered special dishes featuring ingredients from Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures, home to the majestic mountain. On June 17th, participants in a special event enjoyed distinctive foods prepared by the grand chef while viewing digital images of ukiyo-e collected by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and listening to a speech.

Cool Down in Style at a True Urban Oasis: Sky Pool
(7th floor roof terrace of the Main Tower)
Open until September 16th, 2013
Business hours: 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. (Entrance until 7:30 P.M.)
Women's locker room: 5 shower booths, free lockers, women's restroom, and powder room
Men's locker room: 3 shower booths, free lockers, and men's restroom
*Each locker room is equipped with shampoos, body soap, and hair dryers.
Sky PoolThe Keio Plaza Hotel's Sky Pool is one of the few outdoor swimming pools in central Tokyo surrounded by lush green trees. On the 7th floor of the Main Tower, the spacious main pool (accompanied by a smaller pool for children) provides both privacy and a sense of openness amid one of the world's most densely populated cities.
Summer is here again, and Sky Pool awaits you. In response to numerous requests, the pool is now open longer than originally scheduled, until September 16th. The discounts have been extended as well—50% off after 3:00 P.M., 75% off after 5:00 P.M., and 50% off for women (who will receive free L'Occitane body lotion) all day on Tuesdays. Another type of discount is also available to those staying with us, and we offer a special plan that allows access to the pool and some snacks as well.
The women's and men's dressing rooms were remodeled last year to make them even easier to use, and the women's now includes a special makeup section. Sky Pool is truly a place for sophisticated relaxation and escape. After a scorching day, why not cool down at this tranquil urban oasis?

A Beer Hall in the Sky
Sky Bar Little Bear
(On the 45th floor of the Main Tower)
Open until September 25th, 2013
Business Hours: 5:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. (Orders welcomed until 9:30 P.M.)
No. of seats: 56 table seats, 28 counter seats
Note: The beer hall will not be open to the general public on July 7th or 20th, or on September 1st, 7th, 8th, or 22nd.
OhtsukaLocated 160 m above the ground, Little Bear is a sky bar that allows visitors to experience the nightscape of Tokyo in all its glory. The lights of the evening city are always breathtaking, from the glistening of smaller buildings to the glow from Tokyo Skytree, now the city's largest structure. Although the bar is usually available only to parties that reserve the entire space, the much-appreciated summer "Sky Beer Hall" is freely accessible to all without prior notice, and it is open until September 25th. Here, patrons can savor excellent cuisine and drinks, with some prices as low as 500 yen per item.
Captain bartender Shin'ichirou Ohtsuka says, "This summer we offer wider selection of food items, with a new assortment of snacks for beer, as well as soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails. Groups, families, couples, and individuals are all welcome, and our prices are reasonable. An all-you-drink set of food and beverages is available for only 4,500 yen. A professional magician performs a table magic show on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and we often provide other forms of entertainment as well. Please drop by any time; you will always find a warm welcome."

Little Bear

Series: Seasonal Adventures in Japanese Dining
Volume 10: A Summer MUST with Beer
EdamameFor many Japanese, summer is an especially popular time for beer, and whether at home or in a beer hall, salt-boiled edamame soybeans often complement the drink as a refreshing snack.
With its pleasantly light saltiness, edamame comes with a subtly sweet flavor. The vivid young-leaf green coloration of the beans is also invigorating to the eyes. As far as snacks go, edamame is among the more healthy choices, with a tastiness that makes it difficult to eat just one.
Edamame can be prepared in a variety of ways. To make what is known as zunda mochi, boil the beans and grind them into a green paste, then add some sugar or another sweetener, and apply the paste to a rice cake. For edamame gohan, boil some salted soy beans with rice. Nevertheless, when most Japanese people hear the word "edamame," the simple and popular snack of soybeans boiled in salt water is what leaps to mind.
This summer, the Keio Plaza Hotel's Little Bear and Gokoku-Tei will run Japanese-style beer halls, serving salt-boiled edamame, needless to say. When you visit us this season, be sure to try this beloved snack with a mug of beer—a simple and fitting way to celebrate the summer.

For Members of the Executive International Club
LoungeA Chic New Lounge on the South Tower's 34th Floor
The Keio Plaza Hotel has remodeled the former "Club Lounge" into the "Luxe Lounge" on the 34th floor of the South Tower. The result is a space that is more stylish and user-friendly than ever. Needless to say, EIC members and their friends are always welcome to use the Luxe Lounge. The lounge consists of different zones—there are counters beside the windows, sofas, meeting rooms, and other areas. This self-service environment is perfect for everything from business negotiations to a refreshing tea break during the daytime, and liquor is served after 5:00 P.M. Be sure to experience the Luxe Lounge during your next visit.

Location:South Tower, 34th Floor
Seating Capacity:59
Hours:10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Shin Kabukiza
Japan's traditional theatrical art of kabuki has come to be appreciated by many of those overseas as well. Japanese aesthetics and culture are evident in every aspect of kabuki, from the gorgeous stage sets and brilliant costumes to the stories and the actors' distinctive style of performance.
One of Japan's most renowned kabuki theaters, the Kabukiza, has undergone an extensive three-year renovation, emerging reborn as "GINZA KABUKIZA," a new complex with a theater and other features.
The remodeled theater has maintained its traditional architectural design, but the seating space has been expanded and the stage has been made easier to see. As before, earphone audio guides are always available to explain the story in English.
At Kabukiza Tower, located behind the theater, guests can have their pictures taken in rented kimono at a photo studio or visit an art gallery to explore kabuki's legacy in greater depth. To visit GINZA KABUKIZA, take the subway from Shinjuku Station, near the Keio Plaza Hotel, to Ginza Station (about a 20-minute ride). The theater is about five minutes from Ginza Station on foot. Please contact Guest Relations at any time for more information.

Shin Kabukiza
Special Promotional Rate for EIC Members
In gratitude for your patronage, the Keio Plaza Hotel is pleased to offer a special promotional rate denominated in U.S. dollars for a limited time. Available for an extended time in response to guest appreciation, the special rate offers savings over even the EIC member rate. We invite all EIC members to visit the Keio Plaza Hotel and take advantage of this occasion.

Special Promotional Rate
EIC Member Rate
Type of Room
Plaza Comfort
Plaza Premier

* As the table shows, while the EIC member rate is set in Japanese yen, the special promotional rate is denominated in US dollars. Guests can pay both rates in either dollars or yen. Please note that the applicable exchange rate will be the rate indicated at our Front Cashier on the day of your check-in.
* In the table above, the values in “( )” were calculated using an exchange rate of US$1 = ¥94. Such figures are hypothetical examples that are only meant to provide a rough idea of current rates, and they are neither binding nor official hotel rates.

* The rates indicated include room fees, breakfast, service charge, consumption tax, and accommodation tax.
* A guest staying at a special promotional rate is entitled to the following:
1) Complimentary daily breakfast
2) Use of The Luxe Lounge
(Coffee, tea, and other amenities are available.)
* Free for guests staying at special rates; 2,000 JPY per person for their guests.
3) Late check-out (until 3 P. M.)
possible upon request, subject to availability.
Deep Relaxation at Keio Plaza Hotel
Carju RajahCarju Rajah, a luxury esthetic salon on the 8th floor of the South Tower, opened on December 1st, 2008. The salon has quickly become known for its excellent skills, sincere hospitality, and refined interior. Individual treatment rooms equipped with showers provide true relaxation for both males and females. Discount rates are even available for visitors who are staying with us. For more information, please contact Guest Relations.

The Business Center
on the 3rd Floor of the Main Tower
The Business Center has opened on the 3rd floor of the Main Tower, where the lobby is located. The Center offers rental cell phones, fax and photocopy services, arrangement of interpretation and translation as well as of international delivery services, business card printing, and other conveniences. Windows PCs (connected to the Internet) and printers are also available. The Center has been renewed to provide everything necessary for efficient business activities.

The Business Center's business hours
Monday through Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

* The coin-operated PCs at the entrance to the Center are available 24 hours per day. Please help yourself.

* The Center offers the following pay services, among others:
1. Photocopies (monochrome and full-color)
2. Fax transmission
3. Rental cellular phones
4. Arrangement of interpretation and translation services
5. Typing
6. Arrangement of international delivery service
7. Internet connection
8. Business card printing

EIC Advantages
By enrolling in the Executive International Club, you will be eligible to receive a variety of special services and discounts reserved exclusively for EIC members. We cordially invite all members of the Executive International Club to stay with us and experience these advantages.
Free use of The Luxe Lounge, exclusively reserved for EIC members
Extended late check-out until 3:00 P.M. upon request (subject to availability)
Early check-in at 11:00 A.M. upon request (subject to availability)
Priority room reservations
Frequent flyer mileage points with our 16 participating airline partners

*These privileges above do not apply to guests staying at rates other than EIC member rates.

Joining is easy. Simply stop by the front desk, visit our web site, or write to the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo.

Frequent Flyer Mileage Points
Earn miles when using the following Frequent Flyer Programs. Points will be provided at eligible room rates or higher. To claim points, simply present your FFP membership card upon check-in.
Participating Airlines
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
600 miles per stay
600 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
600 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
1,000 miles per stay
500 miles per stay
750 miles per stay
1,000 miles per stay

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